Throwback Thursday

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In honor of Leo season and Venus Retrograde, here’s a painting I did of my brother ten goddamn years ago. Imagine me at 18, trying to get a 15-year-old boy to sit and stare at me perfectly still in an armchair in the basement at all hours for weeks on end. Bless his heart. Oil on canvas, can’t remember if it was winter 2005 or spring 2006. Happy belated birthday Willis!


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Photoshoot with Melissa Dale Neal!


Melissa Dale is a rad Bay Area photographer who has this clean yet lush film noir vibe that I am obsessed with (follow her on instagram). My beloved tarot reader Alese Osborn put me in touch with her and we got together around the New Year for a photoshoot at her beautiful East Bay studio. Make sure to check out her website – I love her Coconut Camera blog, most recently featuring film photos of her recent trip to Thailand. Jealous! Anyways here are some of the pics from our shoot together.


Hairstyles Lately


Hey earthbabes! It’s been forever – I’ve been super busy and finally ready to get back online! Here are some pics of hair that I’ve styled in the past few months. Take a peek through and read the mini-bio’s on these folks who’ve been kind enough to let me play with their hair!